Best OOBE Techniques


As you lie on your bed, you imagine the rope hanging down towards you, and what you do is visualize yourself (or rather, your Astral Self) taking hold of the rope, and pulling yourself up the rope, one hand at a time, all the while concentrating on the sensations as you climb upwards. Be aware of the feeling of the rope against your hands, and the motion of your body as you pull yourself up from your bed, and concentrating also on the feelings of your arms slowly but surely pulling yourself upwards.


Visualize your body rotating along an axis. Feel this movement without having any tension in your muscles. If vibrations occur or rotating motion begins to feel real, continue the technique to intensify those sensations. You might experience loud buzzing noises and rapid hard beat as you proceed. Ignore those sensations and keep rotating. Eventually, you will find it easy to fully separate from your body.


Try to imagine as decidedly as possible that you are swimming or simply making swimming motions with your arms. Try to feel it no matter what, and as vividly as you can. if nothing happens, switch to another technique. There is no need to switch techniques if the sensation of swimming arises. Instead, intensify the sensations that arise. Afterwards, the real Sensation of swimming in water will come to you. That’s already the phase – and there’s no need for separation when you’re already in the phase. However, if such sensations occur while you’re in
bed instead of a body of water, then you will need to employ a separation technique. Use the swimming sensations as a starting point.


Try to wiggle your perceived hands or feet. Do not move a muscle under any circumstances, and do not imagine the movement itself. For example, try to
intensively press down and then up, wiggle to the left and right, and so on. If nothing occurs, switch to another technique. If a slight or sluggish sensation of real movement suddenly arises, then focus your attention on the technique, trying to increase the range of motion as much as you can. Once you can move by at least 4 inches, immediately try to separate from your body starting off from the sensations arising from the technique.