Learn how to Astral Project

I will teach you step by step how to have an OBE (Out of Body Experience)

Whether you are just beginning, or you can’t accomplish a separation, my system go over everything is takes to successfully accomplish an OBE. I will easily show you how to Astral Travel and Astral Project. If Lucid dreaming is something you are interested, I have an in-depth section for that as well. If you want more information about my Astral Travel Projection Seminar, Click Here.

What is Astral travel ?

Many forms of visualisation are associated with Astral Travelling, which is a process of projecting the “consciousness” into visual scenes – i.e. in meditation or temple work – with the effect of “feeling” we are actually “there”.

What is Astral Projection ?

Astral Projection is the process of projecting our “Astral counterpart” with the effect of “knowing” we are actually “there”. To be more specific, There is a great difference between the two, Astral Travelling does not remove us from the physical body, but Astral Projection does.

Why Astral Travel / Astral Project?obe

People have been Astral projecting for thousands of years. Why should anyone want to experience this phenomenon? There are countless reason to Astral project. Everyone will have different reasons why they travel in the Astral realm. I will list a few reasons to accomplish this exciting practice.

“It is Extremely Fun” Your abilities are endless. You can go anywhere or do anything you want. The experience is extremely realistic. You use all of your senses. In fact, they are much more advanced. If I want to be at a beach with clear blue water and pristine white sand, I can do that. I want to see the pyramids, I can do that as well.

To Increase your Consciousness Once you astral project, you will feel much deeper meditations that will help you reach much higher planes of consciousness.

To Gain Knowledge